Neighbourhood Planning Committee Document Library

Neighbourhood Planning Committee documents are archived and available for download here.

Neighbourhood Planning Committee Meetings
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Copies of earlier minutes are available from the Parish Clerk (

The Neighbourhood Plan development process typically follows the nine steps below. Documents relevant to each step are available under each heading below.

1. Getting Started and Agreeing the Neighbourhood Plan Forum / Area

Application to TDBC to be recognised as the appropriate body and designating the Neighbourhood Plan area

Neighbourhood Plan Area

2. Community Engagement and Involvement

Letter to stakeholders

Neighbourhood Plan Public Exhibition Posters

March 2013 Consultation Questionnaire

March 2013 Consultation Questionnaire Responses

SWOT Analysis

3. Building the Evidence Base

The Residents Questionnaire

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire Draft Version 1

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire Draft Version 3

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire Draft Version 4

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire Draft Version 5

Residents Questionnaire

Summary of Responses to the Residents Questionnaire

The Business Questionnaire

Business Questionnaire

Summary of Responses to the Business Questionnaire

4. Themes, Aims, Vision and Options

Vision and Objectives

5. Writing the Plan

Focus Groups

6. Consultation

BLC Neighbourhood Plan Statutory Consultation Version

Appendix A Statement of Community Involvement

Appendix B Other Evidence

Appendix C Basic Conditions Statement

Appendix D E Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

Appendix F Equality Impact Assessment

Consultation Responses Received

Summary of Comments received

Summary of Comments received and chages made

Consultation Bodies

Bishops Hull Parish Council

Greenslade Taylor Hunt

Holcombe Rogus Parish Council

Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners

Oake Parish Council

Somerset County Council Acoustics

Somerset County Council

Taunton Deane Borough Council

West Somerset Railway PLC


Comments received from residents 1 2 3

Comments received from residents 4

Comments received from residents 5

Comments received from residents 6

Comments received from residents 7

Comments received from residents 8

7. Submission

Submission Consultation and Publicity

8. Independent Examination

Examiner's Approval Letter

Response to Examiner's Questions Final

SCI Addendum

Examiner's report

9. Referendum

The final version of the Neighbourhood Plan has been approved by the Parish Council is available here: Neighbourhood Plan.
This final version reflects the Independent Examiner’s recommendations.
A referendum will now take place on 5th May 2016.

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