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Keep an eye on your energy bills with a smart meter

With winter approaching, are you dreading the sound of the electricity bill coming through the letterbox? If you are lucky enough to have gas, well, that will make the same noise …

Saving energy means saving money, so now is a good time to get some good habits – not filling the kettle too full when you’re only making a cuppa, turning off lights and appliances when you don’t need them, or turning the central heating down a bit and putting on a cardigan. It all helps!

An easy way of seeing just how much energy you are using is to have a SMART METER installed, then you’ll see in pounds and pence just how much it costs to boil a kettle full of water! It will also mean an end to balancing on a chair to read the meter, or having a big credit balance if you pay by direct debit.

Installation is straightforward, a phone call to your energy supplier will get you an appointment for the engineer to fit the SMART METER which takes about 2 hours, and the supply will only be cut for a short time. The meter is replaced and you get a little display unit to show you how much gas and electricity you are using in pounds and pence. The engineer will have a photo ID card, and won’t try to sell you anything – the SMART METER is FREE. You will also get a booklet of energy saving tips, to help keep your bill down you have gas, the engineer will also check gas appliances for safety.

Most people can have a SMART METER, even if you have a pre-pay key meter are accessible displays if you might have trouble reading the standard display unit doesn’t use the internet or the existing mobile phone signal. SMART METER simply sends your meter reading to the supplier, and you get accurate bills.

To get a SMART METER, please phone your energy supplier.

Gaby Bellamy
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