From the Revd. Maureen

The month of August – I wonder what thoughts come to mind, or what images are conjured up? Long, hot sunny days perhaps; days on the beach; catching up with family members or friends who live a long way off; walks in the countryside, with perhaps a scrumptious pub lunch; school holidays, which means that family life is not ruled by timetables, preparing school uniforms, remembering PE kit, etc. - the easing-off of pressure to be somewhere, doing something or getting others to where they need to be. How welcome does that sound?

This easing of pressure and time constraint surely has to be good for us, in the busyness of life today. I must admit that I relish the opportunity to sit in the garden in the evening (weather permitting), watching the sun set, listening to the bell ringers practising, the sheep calling to one another, the birds singing and peace and quiet. The opportunity to sit outside to eat an evening meal, to read a book, catching up with family and friends and, particularly, find the time to do some practice playing my saxophone!

The opportunity to have time to do what we enjoy doing without clock-watching is a gift to be treasured and appreciated, and I hope that all of us are able to take advantage of this month to recharge our batteries, relax and feel refreshed. The days are already getting shorter, so we need to “make hay while the sun shines”, which is what our farmer friends will be doing and what our communities will be celebrating a little later on in the year.

Whatever your plans are for this holiday time, don’t forget that our Benefice churches are open all day and available to everyone as they provide a cool, quiet and peaceful place for rest, contemplation, reflection or prayer, to light a candle in memory of or on behalf of a loved one, explore the history of the building, or use the opportunity to rest weary feet!

We wish everyone happy holidays however your time is spent, and safe travelling. We look forward to hearing stories of journeys, fun times and fascinating insights which may have been revealed while having the time to look around and take things in - to stand and stare, wonder and marvel.


Your priest and friend

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