Notes from a Parish Councillor

The Parish Council met on Wednesday 10th May when three different meetings were held (see below).

Firstly, many congratulations to Cllr. Mike Rigby on his re-election as County Councillor for Lydeard at the County Council election on 4th May. It is very helpful having him on board both as a County Councillor and one of our Parish Councillors. We are fortunate in that we also have two TDBC Councillors on the Parish Council - Cllrs. Jane Warmington and Pete Watson.

Three meetings were held during the evening of the 10th May.

The first was the Annual Parish Meeting at which I presented my report upon the work of the Parish Council over the past year. A copy of this report will be posted on the village website and the Clerk will be happy to supply a copy on request.

The second meeting was the Annual Parish Council meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to elect the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the Parish Council representatives to the Village Hall Management Committee, Bishops Lydeard MUGA and the Children's Centre. In addition, we appoint Councillors to be the Parish Path Liaison Officer and Tree Officer. Those undertaking these roles for the forthcoming year are as follows:

Village Hall Management Committee: Cllr. Greg Allen Parish Path Liaison Officer: Cllr. Paul Partington Bishops Lydeard MUGA: Cllrs. Ann Pattemore and Mike Rigby Tree Officer: Cllr. Jane Warmington Children's Centre: Cllr. Clive Martin

The draft annual accounts were considered and approved.

The third meeting was a routine monthly Parish Council meeting and the remainder of these Notes will deal with that meeting.

There were two planning applications and two applications relating to work required to trees for consideration. None was considered contentious and all were supported for approval.

Jon Manning, the Parish Lengthsman, reported that the picnic area at the end of Westridge Way was in a disgusting state - there are broken benches and waste bins full to overflowing which have clearly not been emptied for some time. In addition, it is quite clear that very little attention is being paid to the No Dogs sign at the entrance to the new play area. We resolved to approach those responsible at TDBC and I very much hope that we shall see an early and marked improvement to the situation there.

As usual, the A358 roundabout came up for discussion. Cllr. Mike Rigby confirmed that there will be five night closures commencing on 15th May. Hopefully, these will have passed without incident by the time these Notes are published. Indeed, I very much hope that the roundabout will have been opened for business and that traffic along the A358 will be back to normal after a break of some eight months. Other ancillary works remain outstanding including, in particular, the work at the junction of Greenway and Station Green. I understand that this is planned for next month (June) and, for the sake of all on the railway side of the A358, I very much hope that this will happen. Concern was also expressed about the lack of any safety and/or security measures now that the underpass has been opened. We are in touch with the County Council and we are endeavouring to have these issues addressed as a matter of urgency. Again, I very much hope that substantial progress will have been made by the time I come to write my next set of Notes.

We are actively exploring the installation of a bus shelter at the bus stop at the junction of Hither Mead and Mount Street. This involves discussion with a number of parties and I hope to give an update with my next Notes.

There is little further to report with regard to the proposed development of the land at Taunton Road now owned by David Wilson Homes. The Council's Working Party has had one further meeting with the developer and its planning consultants but, as yet, we have seen no plans. Further progress will be reported upon as and when it happens.

The next two meetings are on 14th June & 12th July, both at 7.00 pm at the Village Hall.

Henry Davenport (Tel: 01823 433342)
Chairman, Bishops Lydeard & Cothelstone Parish Council 

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